We provide the most dynamic showroom  presentation across the South West Region and the United States. This is why we’re the number one choice for showroom promotions.

Are you looking to show that you’re ready to do business? Are you interested in having a show stopping display that gets people talking? Or maybe you are looking to highlight a holiday that matters to your business.  Of course you want to have an uplifting and positive environment for your team and their clients. Share your enthusiasm for success with everyone who sees your showroom! And you can take comfort in knowing that you care about the presentation looks when clients and team members perceive you’re ready to do business. 

We partner with the top tier advertising agencies and have a strategic eye for graphic design. Working directly with manufacturers to turn out top notch displays getting your showroom seen. Not to mention, we have thousands of happy clients countrywide who can share how Event Sales Inc boosted their image and their selling environment. 

These simple solutions with a choice of weekly, bi-monthly or monthly program we can set you apart from the competition. Make a difference, show people you care. Call now and let us show you how dynamic your showroom will look.